Thursday, 27 March 2014

Stupid ebay...

I dont like the fact that google is now showing images next to ebay listings in the organic search results is it just me or isn't this favoritism towards ebay that is giving google loads of money in adwords? or something.. there are plenty more online shops apart from ebay on the internet so why is it that every time I search for something google just fills up with a whole load of ebay listings.... yeah if I really wanted to see ebay I would have just gone straight there...DUH!? Silly and in my opinion pretty evil how the big company's just band together in a conspiracy to destroy the small businesses right?

Want a knee support

Been looking around for some good knee supports but after searching on Google I cannot find any all the results just come up with scam website trying to sell me £100 ones... but they are no good. I know also a friend who got scammed by some person buying a knee support from some one off amazon and never got it.. he complained to amazon and got his money back but I think he clicked on one of the Google ads which anyone can bid up and get listed on which isn't too good really if you ask me. I got thinking about buying a knee support after reading up on them and because i am feeling like I am getting older and I have noticed a clicking in my knee.. I also do a lot of cycling and really enjoy it and would hate to find one day that I cannot do cycling anymore because I wrecked my knees either from something like tearing my acl or something. I know that knee supports can be bought off the shelf and you dont need custom ones because use set the tightness and fit on them your self as they are simply like compression straps.... so that doesn't really justify the high high prices iv been finding.... silly stupid search results. I just want to find what I am looking for!

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Great I have freaky feet!

I have been to see a specialist recently and it would seem that my feet over pronate.. Didn't really know what he was going on about because he didn't really explain it properly(well maybe he did I just fell asleep and started day dreaming when he started yapping on.. I always do that) when he first mentioned it I though oh no I am some kind of freak.. but after doing some homework apparently it is quite common and it is to do with my arches being to high which loads of people have but it can be a bit of a problem because it means that my feet cannot take as much strain and tighten up more then they should when I put weight all on my toes when I walk which can cause things like plantar fasciitis.. I actually went to see the specialist  because my arches were almost stinging because they were that inflamed.  So now I need to wear some insoles to prevent me from my feet getting worse and damaging my feet for good... been looking on a few websites and I think that I have found some good info and I am almost convinced on what I need to buy.. arch support insoles.. I have been wearing some gel insoles but they are flat and even though they do relax my feet I dont think that they are doing much good because my problem is lack of support in my arches.... I am getting into running but currently unable to get really started because after about hour running my feet get super sore and cannot go on.. even though I have plenty more fuel in the tank so to speak.. so it is really important for me to sort all of this out. So does anyone know what might help me? Anyone else wear arch supporting insoles? have they worked for you? If you do please let me know by commenting because I just want my feet to stop hurting!

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Resistance bands gonna give them a go

I am thinking fo trying out using resistance bands.. I wonder if using them will help me get more flexible or something because at the moment I am suffering from a stiff aching back and if resistance bands can be used to strengthen back muscles I think I will give them a try... it doesn't look that hard.. how can it be just pulling some elastic right.... but doing loads should effective so an easy effective exercise whats not to like?! Dunno where I am going to buy some mind you still need to do some research..... or I could just ask my brother who might know... he knows everything when it comes to exercise.

I hope I am not boring

My last two posts well maybe not the last one as I was saying how boring exercise can be might make me come across as a fitness fanatic who just talks about sport and health all day long.. but that's not me at all....I have other interests including music and especially art I really like to think that I am a good drawer even though I probably am not.. but then again I think art is all about confidence really.. I am also interested in politics well when I say interested I mean it angers me and I have to know about it otherwise the rich plutocrats would simply take advantage of us all.. but I will leave a political rant for another day because I am a bit tired today! I dont actually know what else to say about me.. maybe I am just a really really boring person when it boils down to it.

Why is exercise so boring?

Exercise is so so boring..... I regularly go out running but if I dont have music playing I quickly get bored quite quickly.... and this makes me give up a lot quicker I think my problem is focus as if my focus goes I give up and music helps me to stay motivated and focused..... rather than bored... I dont even need to be tired if my brain gives up then I give up even if my body hasn't which I think makes me a sloth maybe? Anyway has anyone got any tips on how to power through exercise without music?.... is it just determination?


Hello, I guess this is my first post really.. I am quite new to blogging I think the whole point of it is to blab on about things you have done and about yourself... so lets!

I am a keen runner but recently I have been getting sore feet!!!ouch I ended up searching online for some insoles to buy because according to my friends this helps stop all of this and prevent nasty injuries too.

I bought some soupcan insoles recently and I have to say they are brilliant to say the list.. I bought them because I was concerned that when I go out jogging I am damaging my feet because every single time after I go jogging my feet just feel really sore and ache whilst I run as well as my feet slap the ground which gets worse and worse as I run... I finally thought of doing something about it because I started hearing form my other jogging pals of how if you dont you can end up in severe pain and getting plantar fasciitis. Now I dont want that now do I! Since going out in my new insoles I can safely say that my soreness.... what soreness I have not noticed any discomfort at all it is a bit like running on cotton wall... but not quite because the insoles are quite firm as they need to be to give you support and stop shocks from hurting my feet.