Saturday, 15 March 2014


Hello, I guess this is my first post really.. I am quite new to blogging I think the whole point of it is to blab on about things you have done and about yourself... so lets!

I am a keen runner but recently I have been getting sore feet!!!ouch I ended up searching online for some insoles to buy because according to my friends this helps stop all of this and prevent nasty injuries too.

I bought some soupcan insoles recently and I have to say they are brilliant to say the list.. I bought them because I was concerned that when I go out jogging I am damaging my feet because every single time after I go jogging my feet just feel really sore and ache whilst I run as well as my feet slap the ground which gets worse and worse as I run... I finally thought of doing something about it because I started hearing form my other jogging pals of how if you dont you can end up in severe pain and getting plantar fasciitis. Now I dont want that now do I! Since going out in my new insoles I can safely say that my soreness.... what soreness I have not noticed any discomfort at all it is a bit like running on cotton wall... but not quite because the insoles are quite firm as they need to be to give you support and stop shocks from hurting my feet.

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