Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Great I have freaky feet!

I have been to see a specialist recently and it would seem that my feet over pronate.. Didn't really know what he was going on about because he didn't really explain it properly(well maybe he did I just fell asleep and started day dreaming when he started yapping on.. I always do that) when he first mentioned it I though oh no I am some kind of freak.. but after doing some homework apparently it is quite common and it is to do with my arches being to high which loads of people have but it can be a bit of a problem because it means that my feet cannot take as much strain and tighten up more then they should when I put weight all on my toes when I walk which can cause things like plantar fasciitis.. I actually went to see the specialist  because my arches were almost stinging because they were that inflamed.  So now I need to wear some insoles to prevent me from my feet getting worse and damaging my feet for good... been looking on a few websites and I think that I have found some good info and I am almost convinced on what I need to buy.. arch support insoles.. I have been wearing some gel insoles but they are flat and even though they do relax my feet I dont think that they are doing much good because my problem is lack of support in my arches.... I am getting into running but currently unable to get really started because after about hour running my feet get super sore and cannot go on.. even though I have plenty more fuel in the tank so to speak.. so it is really important for me to sort all of this out. So does anyone know what might help me? Anyone else wear arch supporting insoles? have they worked for you? If you do please let me know by commenting because I just want my feet to stop hurting!

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