Thursday, 27 March 2014

Want a knee support

Been looking around for some good knee supports but after searching on Google I cannot find any all the results just come up with scam website trying to sell me £100 ones... but they are no good. I know also a friend who got scammed by some person buying a knee support from some one off amazon and never got it.. he complained to amazon and got his money back but I think he clicked on one of the Google ads which anyone can bid up and get listed on which isn't too good really if you ask me. I got thinking about buying a knee support after reading up on them and because i am feeling like I am getting older and I have noticed a clicking in my knee.. I also do a lot of cycling and really enjoy it and would hate to find one day that I cannot do cycling anymore because I wrecked my knees either from something like tearing my acl or something. I know that knee supports can be bought off the shelf and you dont need custom ones because use set the tightness and fit on them your self as they are simply like compression straps.... so that doesn't really justify the high high prices iv been finding.... silly stupid search results. I just want to find what I am looking for!

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